Digital migration


With the growth in digital media showing no signs of abating, media agencies need to remain on top of the latest developments in modern communication. Whether it’s a deep understanding of established social media, or evaluating a trending new category such as wearable computing, agencies need to understand the new media dynamics in order to use these to benefit clients.

Trends come and go, but one thing is certain. The internet has forever changed the way marketing communication works.

To make sense of what’s really happening now and to establish an informed view of the future, RMS Media ensures the agency keeps up with the best minds in the industry.

Mary Meeker from technology investment group Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers has built her significant reputation of knowing what’s important in the internet industry by delivering an annual keynote presentation to the industry, simply entitled “Internet Trends”. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better summary of all the important aspects of the internet, today and in future.

Download a copy of Meeker’s full 2013 presentation here (2.6 MB)