Relationships and innovative communication solutions

RMS Media is more right-sized than mid-sized. Every account, each piece of business is important. The agency thrives on building healthy, positive interactions and strong relationships with both clients and the media.

We flourish on identifying media opportunities, which further establish or help grow clients’ brands and services. Our aim is to develop and implement innovative, yet strategically sound media strategies. These strategies, which maximize return on media investment, greatly assist in resolving the marketing challenges of the day.

RMS Media has a positive billings-to-media-professional ratio, benefiting a client’s business from above average industry attention. Our media professionals aren’t over-stretched; they have time to think about optimizing the media mix, which delivers on agreed media and marketing objectives.

Business won doesn’t get relegated to inexperienced trainees. A client’s media investment isn’t just a listing on a status sheet, or a rushed job chased by traffic. RMS Media delivers intelligent media solutions, founded on sound insights and packaged by seasoned media specialists.

RMS Media aim to meet and exceed client expectations. Delivery of our promise is the foundation of long-term, mutually beneficial and respectful relationships.



Expert team of media specialists

Our team is comprised exclusively of specialists, experts who optimize effectiveness and capitalise on media efficiencies, maximizing the impact of campaigns, delivering and extracting maximum value from client media investments.

Delivery of a high quality media product is a team effort. We believe the level of service directly correlates to the consistency of the team.

Business principles and processes

Disciplined implementation of best practice processes ensures plans are delivered on strategy, assists data accuracy and provides the basis for smooth media administration.

Sound implementation of ethical media buying principles and efficient administrative systems ensures a seamless flow of information from booking to billing.

Our media product and integrity builds the foundation for the achievement of RMS Media’s primary goal of nurturing long-term mutually beneficial relationships, based on trust and respect.

Industry participation

RMS Media believes it is important to give back to the industry, which has been so good to our business. Rob Smuts, founder and CEO of RMS Media, plays an active role in the South African advertising media industry.

Media industry participation: Rob Smuts

  • AMASA (director of the Section 21 Company)
  • AMASA (past chairman)
  • AMF (active member)
  • AAA School of Advertising (lecturer)
  • Boston Media House (lecturer)
  • Supporter of the Advertising Benevolent Fund
  • Contributor to media textbook: The nuts and bolts of media planning