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RMS Media is a full service, expert media agency. We offer a complete range of communication solutions. Our agency is based in the Wierda Valley central business district of Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.


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RMS Media’s long-term success has been built and sustained through its deeply entrenched philosophy and belief in the importance of relationships. You need strong relationships with great clients to produce truly impactful work and exceptional relationships with the media to make it all happen.

Media owner relationships

Critical to RMS Media’s on-going success are its strong media owner relationships. The media are the gatekeepers to markets and audiences. Strong media owner relationships gets one ahead of the game, it gives you the inside track and when you need it, it helps pull you out of a tight spot.

RMS Media has built such solid and trustworthy relations with media partners, which has resulted in several becoming clients themselves.

Clients benefit from the significant business advantage gained as a result of these superior media owner relationships, developed over many years.

Understanding of consumer behaviour and knowledge of different markets and lifestyles is central to the development of valuable insights, which drive the strategic planning process.

We constantly study media consumption habits and patterns, keeping abreast of media trends, ensuring that our recommendations are relevant and on target. We breathe air into data. Our insights help bring the numbers to life.

But we go far beyond the numbers. We get out of the office — from behind the computer screen and into the real world — observing real people leading real lives. Insights and personal experience culminate in the delivery of real media solutions.

RMS Media is a strategically driven media resource.

Intuitive insights combined with pre-eminent media knowledge lay the foundation for the delivery of innovative, yet strategically sound communication solutions.

In line with the evolving media landscape, RMS Media offers a full range of media planning solutions transcending traditional and modern applications:

Get social

Media communication is now largely driven by a social, engaged paradigm. Even traditional media placement requires an understanding of the social media landscape, from a strategic viewpoint of motivating consumer involvement.

It’s a digital world

In today’s connected, mobile world of marketing communication, understanding the key drivers of the modern digital landscape is an important strategic imperative.

Strategies that cross borders

To ensure efficient and effective use of media, modern strategies need to utilise media opportunities that cross traditional and new media borders to deliver communication solutions that find consumer where they are. New strategies therefore have to be created that favours participation above interruption. At RMS Media our media specialists are adept at the creation and execution of these forward-thinking ideas.

RMS Media’s blue chip client base is sourced from both creative agencies and clients themselves.

We pride ourselves in our long-term client relationships. The Estée Lauder Group has until recently been a client for over 11 years, whilst the relationship with creative agency Old Shanghai has spanned more than 18 years. RMS Media still consults to its first-ever client, a prominent travel company.

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  • Creative advertising agencies
  • Media owners

Specialist expertise: Investor relations

  • Financial agencies
  • Financial notice placements