What does right-sized mean?


Being the right size means a business is optimally suited to deliver excellent service without waste

Using the right combination of  the right number of specialist media experts gives you the advantage of receiving excellent service, without unnecessary cost.

In the constantly evolving world of media, we’re therefore more about fostering a constant passion and expertise in our field than trying to deliver bloated solutions. In our case this means quality, specialist, client-centric and full service media delivery.

Staff turnaround can be a real problem at a media agency. At RMS Media we pride ourselves on staff consistency.

Business success is always a team effort. By way of example, Angie Archer has been a solid anchor in the business since 2000 and has played a significant role in RMS Media’s continued success. Under her watchful eye hundreds of campaigns have been expertly implemented to perfection.

Having cut her teeth on Pick n Pay and having mastered her skills across many blue chip brands, no job is too big, no job too pressurized for Angie. An enthusiastic and dynamic team of media specialists are there to support her. They have her back, no matter what.