Numerous long-term relationships


“Relationships of trust depend on our willingness to look not only to our own interests, but also the interests of others,”  Peter Farquharson

Business is not about anything else but mutually beneficial relationships. At RMS Media we place a premium on building and maintaining excellent relationships with business partners that last for the long run. We believe we’re in this business together and together we will succeed.

When a business relationship has developed its own natural rhythm, trust follows. We’re fortunate to be a partner in many such wonderful relationships.

Much of our media agency’s early success can be attributed to its relationship with the agency established by Gail Curtis: The Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory. Early blue chip account gains acquired through that association include Unidata (now Unisys), World Leisure Holidays and Tempest Car Hire, among others.

RMS Media also has a long-standing successful partnership with Margaret Ashwin’s Media Max. Margaret — an astute, experienced media strategist — together with RMS Media, delivers a world class full media service.

RMS Media has assisted the NSPCA on a pro bono basis for 20 consecutive years. Cathy Stanley, previous Chair of the National Husky Club, introduced RMS Media to Chris Kuch of the NSPCA and the relationship has deepened over the years. It still endures today.

What industry people, clients, media owners, suppliers and business partners have to say about RMS Media

We love our clients, the media and our strategic business partners!

This is what some of them have to say about RMS Media:

“At HKLM we have had the luxury of a partnership with RMS Media on some very key and valuable clients. Often the word partnership is thrown around very loosely in our industry. RMS Media has worked very closely with the HKLM team. They consistently deliver to our expectations and to that of our client needs. This true partnership with RMS Media has enabled HKLM to build great relationships with our clients, providing solid media solutions to our clients’ communication challenges.

We look forward to an on-going relationship into the future.”

Tracy McCoy, Head of Advertising, HKLM


“Rob Smuts is a true legend in the industry. He has consistently thought out the box from a strategy perspective and remains one of the men of integrity, passion and commitment. It has been a pleasure working within him and the RMS Media team over the last 20-odd years.”

Ken Varejes, CEO, Primedia Unlimited


“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Rob and the RMS Media team since the inception of the company 20 years ago. Rob and his team have always shown integrity, passion, commitment and acumen, both on behalf of their clients and with their media dealings.

A great team that always puts their clients needs first!”

Trevor Ormerod, General Manager: Advertising Sales and Strategic Communications, Times Media Limited


“I have known Rob Smuts for more than 20 years. He is an expert media specialist who has always been passionate about media. Our business association started with me selling advertising to him as a ‘media consultant’.

Even in the early days, Rob was no push over. He has always put clients’ needs first. A few years later — as magazine publishers of FHM and heat —  we would seek out his valued opinion, knowing he would give it proper consideration and provide us with an authentic point of view. He’s a tough bargainer and negotiator, but always fair.

Our relationship morphed yet again when we launched Twisted Toast Digital two years ago. RMS Media has consulted with us on innovative projects for a number of clients. The RMS team has a willingness to embrace new ideas and always go the extra distance for clients. They have heart.

Recently, as partners we’ve got to know a different side to the RMS team.  Their independence, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the art of media and the needs of their clients keep them relevant in the ever-changing world of media.”

Kim Browne, CEO, Twisted Toast Digital