RMS Media: Twenty years in the media business

Our RMS Media philosophy in 20 thoughts

1. We are proud to represent all our clients

2. It’s important to maintain excellent media owner relationships

3. Always deliver innovative communication solutions

4. Develop sound, hard-working media strategies

5. Expertly implement and buy media

6. Achieve high service levels

7. Respond quickly with great turnaround times

8. Keep abreast of the dynamic media landscape and new media opportunities

9. Pride ourselves on our attention to detail

10. We subscribe to ethical business practises

11. Adherence to the best practices of Columbus,

the world’s leading collective of independent media agencies

12. Combine the wisdom of experience with the fresh eye of youth

13. We treat all media investment as if it were our own

14. Above-average return on investment is mandatory

15. We are a team. More minds, more alternatives

16. Giving back is important. Our long-term corporate social responsibility

projects include the NSPCA and the Santa Shoebox Project

17. We give back to the media industry: Actively involved with AMASA, the AMF and ABF

18. We manage our business efficiently through careful media administration

19. A full 360, quality media product cannot be compromised

20. We treasure our relationships