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Twitter rules television

What’s happening?

By Rob Smuts

During the last few years a profound change in consumer behaviour relating to broadcast television viewing has become evident. With the advent of personal video recorders (PVRs) and internet streaming of television shows through iTunes and other services, came a trend towards time shifting.Twitter

If you’re anything like me, you probably couldn’t wait for the day when you could watch television shows whenever you wanted, without regard for when the show was actually broadcast.

This phenomenon is called time shifting and it’s had a significant impact on television advertising. With the ability to time shift comes the secondary effect of not having to view commercials. These can simply be fast-forwarded and ignored at worst or, at best, viewed at an unspecified time in future.

News and live sport events are of course categories of television programming that are least affected by time shifting. But normal, run-of-the mill shows can be watched at any time and at one’s own convenience, right?

My favourite time, for instance, is to watch my top three television shows one after the other on a relaxed Sunday evening – once our three old is safely tucked up in bed!

In theory, time shifting worked for everyone. When PVRs first came to the market time shifting was all the rage. I certainly never missed an episode of Lost. I simply watched it when I wanted to. Just like me, individuals or small groups watching together shared their television experience with each other in the same room. But not in real time with anyone else.

Until Twitter disrupted time shifting.


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Twenty principles we live by

RMS Media: Twenty years in the media business

Our RMS Media philosophy in 20 thoughts

1. We are proud to represent all our clients

2. It’s important to maintain excellent media owner relationships

3. Always deliver innovative communication solutions

4. Develop sound, hard-working media strategies

5. Expertly implement and buy media

6. Achieve high service levels

7. Respond quickly with great turnaround times

8. Keep abreast of the dynamic media landscape and new media opportunities

9. Pride ourselves on our attention to detail

10. We subscribe to ethical business practises


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Twenty years of RMS Media

Specialised experiencePrint


Founded by media specialist Rob Smuts in May 1993

Trained by media gurus Noel Coburn of Caxton fame and the legendary Roger Garlick

Positions held by Rob Smuts prior to launching RMS Media:

  • NMB. Marketing services executive. Employed and trained by Noel Coburn
  • Partnership in Advertising (now Publicis). Media Planner: Plascon. Employed by FCB’s John Sinclair
  • BLGK. Media planner: Standard Bank/Nissan. Employed and trained by Roger Garlick
  • Lintas. Media group head: Unilever, KFC, Wesbank. Employed by John Turvey
  • Initiative Media. Media account director: KFC, Wesbank


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International recognition

Locally relevant, internationally supported

RMS Media has recently accepted an invitation to join Columbus Media International, the leading global network of independent media agencies. “This is an accolade we’re really proud of,” enthuses Rob Smuts.

We provide access to the South African market and a springboard into Africa to the 40 plus countries that together make up the Columbus network.

The future

Locally relevant and internationally supported by Columbus, RMS Media has a dedicated team comprising experienced and enthusiastic media specialists to take on the media challenges of tomorrow.

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The RMS Media team effort

We’re a team of specialists

RMS Media has an expert team of media specialists, passionate about media and communication and committed to identifying the right communication solutions to clients’ marketing challenges. Wherever that communication solution may lie, we’ll find it.

Media expertise is not just about “bodies”. In the constantly evolving world of media we’re more about fostering a constant passion and expertise in our field.

Staff turnaround is a real problem at many a media agency. At RMS Media we pride ourselves on staff consistency.



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